MBBS in Russia MBBS in Russia has been the most preferred overseas destination for medical education for Indian students.

College we Provides:-

1. Amur State medical Academy 

2. North Caucasion State Humanitarian and Technological Academy

3. Mordovia State University

4. Ulyanovsk State Medical University

5. Meri State University

6. North Ossetian State Medical Academy.


Tuition Fees Started Ruble 1.5 lakh Rs. Per year

Total Package 10.50 Lakh.(Includes one year food, Hostel, Visa and all)

Direct Admission & English Medium.

MCI/WHO Listed Medical College.

Indian Mess & Hostel.

Yearly 20 day Clinical Training in Indian Hospital (Optional).

English Medium 5.8 Years of Study.

Last Year Internship in India Optional in some Colleges.

What we Provide:-

1. We provide proper counseling to each and every student at Free of cost.

2. We help to choose right college for deserving student.

3. We provide complete guideline to take admission in World colleges.

4. We provide you admission letter from the desired university.

5. Arrangement of the visa support letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of respective country to the respective embassy.

6. We provide all the answers to your questions about chosen country and universities either through mail or by phone.

7. We provide complete guidance to the students while they are going through the visa process.

8. We provide Air Ticket to the nearest Airport. Also Airport pic-up for the candidate.

9. We also provide suitable job for right candidate.