Dear Candidates,

We are DREAMS ACHIEVERS, International Consultants provide Admission/Job/Visa assistance in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany (free education), Italy (Free Education, Free living), Poland (Free education), Russia, Ukraine, China, Armenia, Romania, Georgia,  South Africa, UAE, Malaysia and many more.

Why Canada

Luxurious yet Affordable Lifestyle

Canada has a spectacularly advanced way of living that encompasses scenic beauty as well as developed cities. Numbeo reports the 2017 cost of living index for Canada is 73 making it more affordable than USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

High Employment Rate

90% of graduates are employed within 6 months of completing education.

Many Work Opportunities

Canada allows 20 hours of part time work while studying and up to 3 years of post study work permit is granted basis the duration and field of study.

Simple Visa Process

The visa process is completely online with only document submission required at the consulate. Also, for colleges no additional documents for funds availability need to be presented.

Multicultural and Safe Environment

Students of more than 60 nationalities study in main Canadian cities and they have the lowest crime rates among global metro cities.




I am sending you a general overview of the visa application process for the following categories:

1. Visitor / Student / Work Visas

2. Permanent Residency

3. Business Immigration


1. Visitor / Student / Work Visas

This category is called "Temporary Resident Visas", which is for temporary foreign nationals who stay in Canada on a temporary basis. For visitors, foreign nationals who are from visa-exempted countries do not require "Temporary Visas" to enter Canada. What they only need is "eTA" to enter Canada, whereas for those nationals who are not from visa-exempted countries, they will need a temporary visa approval before they can come into Canada. Visa required countries will be issued a "Multiple-Entry Visas" upon approval of their visitor visa application, which allows them to enter Canada up to 6 months for 10 years. 

For instance, India is a visa-required country and this means visitors must be approved and visas must be attached to the passport to enter Canada.


For Student, our company has extensive partnership agreements with universities, colleges, high schools, academic upgrading, and IELTS preparation institutions across Canada. We have maintained a high degree of professionalism to work with institutions to send students and provide complete package service to our clients. We gather all the required documents: High school transcripts, diplomas, English score and etc. to process school registration. Once we secure an admission letter from the school (general processing time is between 30 to 45 days), we process a student visa which takes up to 2 to 7 weeks. We basically take care of the processing from the start to the end.


For Worker, Worker category is a bit more broad to explain as it has more than one way of applying the work permit application. In general, they will need a work permit to legally work in Canada. Workers who did not graduate from Canadian post-secondary institutions can only obtain a work permit through LMIA application and this must be supported by a prospective employer. If you are a graduate from one of the DLI post-secondary institutions, you are eligible to apply for Post-Graduate Work Permit, a validity term of 3 years, which must be applied within 90 days from the end of your school term. A spouse of either a work permit holder or study permit holder can also apply for the open work permit, although there are some restrictions.


2. Permanent Residency

We are specialized in immigration application programs as we have a team of immigration lawyer and certified immigration consultants who are experts in all immigration programs.

There are a number of different Permanent Residency (PR) programs in Canada which foreign workers can apply. There is a federal immigration program called, Express Entry (EE) program that all potential candidates can create an EE profile to be entered into the draw. Cut-off score changes every draw and for year 2018, its range is between 440 to 455. This score is based on your education, work experience, language score, age, transferability skills. All these factors contribute to your final score. If you have higher than the cut-off score at the time of Express Entry draw, you will be given an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to apply for PR application. 

Even if you are not qualified under the EE program, there are still ways for you to apply to become a PR. Each province runs their own immigration system, called Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) that is designed for workers who have been working in their province for a specified duration. Each province has different eligibility requirements and criteria but generally speaking, workers must have at least 6 months of work experience to be qualified but no job offer or work experience is required for some immigration streams.

There are also a program for family sponsorship and other programs.


3. Business Immigration

This is also one of the immigration programs in Canada, but it will be explained separately due to its complexity. I cannot provide business immigration streams for each province as it will contain too much detailed information and requirements also vary by provinces.

Federal investment program is currently closed and its re-open date has not been determined yet.

Provincial entrepreneur programs and farmer programs are open for potential applicants. Although there are slight differences in which they need in terms of documentation but applicant shall prove his/her minimum net worth of $500,000 CAD to be qualified. They are also willing to invest certain amount of money and run a business when they are selected and given a work permit. Provinces usually ask to sign a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) that lists out terms and conditions that an applicant must be in compliance with. 

Once all the documentation and net worth is verified, they issue a work permit before nomination can be granted. Some provinces offer nomination certificate without working for one or two years before they can apply for the nomination. With the nomination, they are now eligible to apply for Permanent Residence application.

Key for business immigration is a proof of net worth and ability to run business to create more work for Permanent residents and Canadian Citizens.



                                                                VISIT VISA

Visitor visa or Temporary resident visa:

It is an official document stamped in your passport. It shows that you meet the requirements needed to travel to Canada. Most travelers require a visitor visa to travel to Canada.

Basic requirements to travel to Canada:-

You must have

·       Have a valid travel documents, like a passport

·       Be in good health

·       Have no criminal or immigration-related convictions

·       Have enough money for your stay( the amount of money you will need depends on how long you will stay and if stay in a hotel, or with friends or relatives

·       You may also need a medical examination and letter of invitation (if your family, friends or relatives lives in Canada.

Duration of visit visa:-

The duration is minimum 6 months to 10 years.

We provide 100% visa for Canada and our services charges are lowest.